Back In Black Album Mp3 Ringtones

Artist: AC/DC Bit-rate: 64 / 128 / 320 Kbps Format: Mp3 Sample rate: 44100

In rock/pop's nascent days, "pop" applied to commercially successful artists who won broad, sweeping public interest with simplistic, lighthearted musical fare. As the style diversified and mutated into numerous subgenres, the notion of popular music moved from indicating the one-hit wonder, mass-appealing artist to denoting an often sugarcoated "pop" sound that was pure aural amusement: three minutes of bright melodies and infectious hooks. But the term essentially means a tune composed for popular appeal; the paradox facing many proponents of "pop" these days is that their stylistic approaches may seem too archaic, simplistic or eclectic for the mainstream. But purveyors of unusual pop pepper the landscape of Indie Rock.

Hells Bells mp3 Singer: AC/DC
Shoot to Thrill mp3 Singer: AC/DC
What Do You Do for Money Honey mp3 Singer: AC/DC
Givin the Dog a Bone mp3 Singer: AC/DC
Let Me Put My Love Into You mp3 Singer: AC/DC
Back In Black mp3 Singer: AC/DC
You Shook Me All Night Long mp3 Singer: AC/DC
Have a Drink on Me mp3 Singer: AC/DC
Shake a Leg mp3 Singer: AC/DC
Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution mp3 Singer: AC/DC