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girdhari [Maharana Pratap Jayanti Special] 2nd June 2022
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girdhari [Buddha Purnima Special] 5th May 2023
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girdhari aap ki jaan ka call aa raha hai
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girdhari you got a call
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girdhari your phone is ringing
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girdhari your dad is calling you
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girdhari your boy friend is calling you
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girdhari you have an urgent call
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girdhari your girl friend is calling you
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girdhari please attend the call
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girdhari aap ka phone baj raha hai
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girdhari your mom is calling you
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girdhari someone is calling you
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girdhari please pickup the phone
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girdhari your boss is calling you
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girdhari your mother is calling you
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May 2022 Special Ringtones

Maharana Pratap Jayanti Special Ringtone

  Save Ringtone 2nd June 2022

Pratap Singh popularly known as Maharana Pratap, was a king of Mewar, a region in north-western India in the present-day state of Rajasthan.

Born: 9 May 1540, Kumbhalgarh Fort, Qila Kumbhalgarh
Died: 19 January 1597, Chawand
Height: 2.26 m
Children: Amar Singh I, Kunwar Durjan Singh, Kunwar Maal Singh
Parents: Udai Singh II, Maharani Jaivanta Bai
Now you can download May month 2022 special Maharana Pratap Jayanti mobile ringtone for free as a gift.

Buddha Purnima Special Ringtone

  Save Ringtone 5th May 2023

Buddha Purnima during Vaishakha month is celebrated as birth anniversary of Gautama Buddha. Gautama Buddha whose birth name was Siddhartha Gautama was a spiritual teacher on whose teachings Buddhism was founded.
It is believed that Gautama Buddha obtained Enlightenment on this day. Buddha Purnima is also known as Buddha Jayanti, Vesak, Vaishaka and Buddha's Birthday.
Now you can download May month 2022 special Buddha Purnima mobile ringtone for free as a gift.

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